After working with the public for over 30 years, one thing I do very well is read people, it is so important to me from the very first initial phone call or email to our first official meeting that I get as much information I need to make their wedding day run smoothly.
The reason being I might not see them again until their big day especially if they live quite a distance away, so I always make sure that this time is very well spent.
I would normally allow two hours per couple.
Don’t look at your watch or think of the time your spending,  I know it sounds a lot but when you are planning a wedding everything must be right.
This is the most important day in this couples life, so giving them the time is a very important process in the build up to their wedding.

I tell all my staff reading and understanding people is very important in this business, because if you don’t then you could be in serious trouble.
My favourite quote always is ” There are no re-runs ” this couple can’t come back next week and do it all over again so there can be no room for error ‘ever ‘

All Brides Remember ! Trust us 
Trust – is very important when you are arranging a wedding you have to let go a bit and trust your wedding planner this is so imperative to us, the reason being.
We know what works and what doesn’t work in the venue that you have chosen.
Also the timelines and the running order to make your day so magical and one that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

When you go to a restaurant, you do not go into the chef’s kitchen and start telling him how his food should be cooked and served. 

Leave the professionals to there job, and everyone will be happy. 


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