Scottish Laws and Traditions



Getting Married , Choose Scotland for Your Wedding! 

You might be very surprised to know that you can get married anywhere in Scotland? In a wonderful Treehouse like ours at The Lodge on Loch Goil, on top of a mountain, on a beautiful Loch side or even on a beach. Just pick your favourite location and follow your heart.

One of the greatest reasons to get married in Scotland is that you can exchange your vows practically anywhere you want. The minister, priest, celebrant or clergyman carries a licence that means you can choose your venue, no matter how wild or romantic!

Choosing the right venue means that you are selecting the right canvas which your wedding will be painted.

Unusual Weddings in Scotland

You can have a religious or a civil marriage in Scotland or a Humanist wedding 

A religious marriage may take place anywhere that an officiating clergy will agree to. This kind of Wedding can also be conducted according to other belief systems. 

A civil wedding can be held in a registration office or in any of a list of approved places – or you can apply for a ‘temporary approval’ of your selected location. 

Humanist ceremony, Scotland is one of only six countries in the world where Humanist marriage ceremonies are legally conducted. The other countries are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, and certain states of the USA.

Scotland’s Traditions 

A Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe
A sixpence coin may be placed in the bride’s shoe to help bring her good luck. 

The Wedding Scramble
As the bride steps into the car, it is a tradition for the father to throw a handful of coins for the children to collect. This practice, called a scramble, is believed to bring financial luck

The Lang Reel
The Lang Reel is a traditional dance which happens in the fishing communities in the North-East of Scotland. The dance sees villagers and the wedding party begin dancing from the harbour, continuing through the village as each couple leave the reel when they pass their home. This continues until the only couple get home.




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