Choosing your Venue

ImageToday was a lovely day, Snowy, Windy, Rainy, Stormy !! welcome to Scotland.
January is such an exciting time in the wedding calendar, because all the couples who got engaged over the festive period start to look at wedding venues to celebrate their big day.
Getting engaged is one of the happiest and romantic times of your life. Whether you have been courting for just a few weeks or a few years you are jointly making both a personal and public commitment to get married and to spend the rest of your lives together.
I had some people booked in to see me today at The Lodge, one couple who have booked their wedding already for May 2013 “Katherine and Paul” such a lovely couple, Paul a quiet man just sitting and listening taking everything in and Katherine all excited knowing everything she wants in great detail, it’s such an amazing thing to listen to all there dreams of how they would like the day to run and knowing I have the ability to make these dreams come true.
The other couple who came later on this afternoon were also lovely “Sarah and Derek” they got engaged in between Christmas and New Year, they are looking to get married in the Autumn 2014.  Log fires, candles, romance. ” what a fantastic ring Sarah ” hopefully I will see you both again if the Lodge is the right venue for you. 

Choosing the venue for your celebrations is probably the most important decision you will make when it comes to planning your wedding It’s the place where you will spend most of your day and of course where the ceremony will take place, the wedding breakfast, and also the evening party so it’s crucial to get it right. Before visiting any potential venues, sit down with your fiancé and decide exactly how you both envisage the style of your wedding.

My wonderful wedding venue is rather unique in so many ways that is why I love it so much

Have a look !!! 



One thought on “Choosing your Venue

  1. It was a gloriously hot weekend away at the end of May 2012 (27 degrees – records were broken) when Paul and I first saw The Lodge.  We both said at the exact same time “we have to get married here”.   We weren’t even engaged!   When you have been together over 12 years something are known even if they are never said and we knew we would be married one day.
    We when we got engaged much later that year.  We discussed some of the things most important to us:  we wanted  a ceremony that reflected our values (Scotland’s laws allow us to do this), a beautiful view – preferably hills and lakes,  exclusivity,  intimacy,  an eco-friendly venue,  great food and drink , and a wow factor (The Lodge has a tree house what more is to say)!
    I started to compile a complex spreadsheet of evaluation criteria to compare venues.  I knew people would ask  ‘why Scotland, why all that way’.  Especially as we had the Lake District and Peak District almost on our doorsteps.   As a scientist by training, I thought I needed evidence to prove our hypothesis that The Lodge was the best venue there was.   So I got on the phone, I scoured the web, I made endless list and created comparison formulae to ensure a rigorous test! 
    We sat down to assess and Paul said “people will have suggestions, questions, and even expectations but it’s our day it has to be our way.  We knew immediately The Lodge was the one.  Let’s book it and throw the lists away” and that’s what we did.
    It was a cold, rainy day at the end of January when we travelled back to The Lodge.  I feared the venue would look and feel different without the sunshine of May,  the optimism of spring, and the scent of the wild flowers.   It did.  Against the savage weather of the west coast of Scotland, the venue with its roaring fire and cosy rooms, could not be more perfect.  The drama of the changing sky, the closeness to the unsettled waters created the perfect atmosphere. 
    I knew Paul was right, no justification was needed.  As our loved ones come down that drive on our wedding day in May and bit by bit, The Lodge and grounds revel themselves there will be no questions to ask – they will just understand.  How could they not!         
    As someone that’s accustomed to being in charge in my professional life (I having spent years managing people, large projects and international events).   I was nervous about letting anyone else take charge of our wedding, what if they didn’t understand what we were trying to do, what if they couldn’t find the details that were so important to us!  After meeting Alice on that cold day in January I know our day is going to be perfect.  There are few people I would put my trust in – Alice is one of them.   
    Thanks for seeing us Alice – don’t let Paul’s reserve fool you he’s even more opinionated than me!
    Katherine x

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