How Amazing Are Parents

Winter is a wonderful time to get out and about and see some of the most amazing wildlife,

Especially the roe deer they are in fact the most widely species across Scotland.

 After work last night I was driving home, when I had to stop my car to let a family of deer cross the single track road it was so surreal, they seemed to stroll but there was a baby fawn at the back that the parents where waiting for.

” How amazing are parents ” it made me think of a lovely couple Shiona and John they came to see me yesterday to view the venue for their daughter Evelyn’s wedding, as she lives in Wales with two young children travelling up to Scotland on a wild windy day in January, was not visible for her so she did the next best thing, “sent her parents “

 Lots of parents come to see me because of different reasons but mainly because the bride to be lives over seas or just works too far away.  We trust our Mum’s, as they know us sometimes better than we know ourselves; there opinion is so vital when it comes to the most important day in our life.

So if you are interested in a venue but can’t seem to make it due to work commitments just

Send your Mum! 


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